Good Old FashionedBunting

There is nothing quite like homemade bunting to add some vintage flare to your celebrations. Whether it be a baby shower, Birthday party, wedding, Summer fete or simply a decorative piece to hang in your bedroom, there's no denying that bunting has charm!
We've come up with a pattern for some classic crocheted bunting, which we've quite aptly named; Good Old Fashioned Bunting. We hope enjoy our version of this timeless classic!


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Pins (for optional, but recommend blocking)
  • Starch (for optional, but recommend blocking)

Yarn and Hook

Cotton works great for this project, but any type of yarn can be used. We recommend going down half a hook size to the recommendation of the yarn manufacturer (This is so that your bunting works up a little tighter and holds its shape better).

For each piece of bunting two colours of yarn are used. One for the main section and one for the border. It's nice if these two colours can contrast with one another, for optimum bunting effect.

To get your FREE copy of the Good Old Fashioned Bunting crochet pattern, click on the download PDF link below.